Dual DNP Degree Requirements

The Dual DNP program requires 42 post-master’s graduate semester credit hours and completion of a total of 1000 clinical practice hours (includes 500 from MSN program). All students will be required to complete the curriculum that includes a sequence of courses as listed below:

Theoretical Base (15 semester credit hours)
NSG 822/NUDN 8220 Healthcare Policy and Ethics (3)
NUDN 8260/NSG 826 Leadership and Healthcare Systems (3) 
NUDN 8160/NSG 816 Global Health and Social Justice (3)
NSG 823/NUDN 8230 Economic and Financial Aspects of Healthcare System (3)
NUDN 8270/NSG 827 Technology for Communication and Transforming Healthcare (3)

Methodological Issues (15 semester credit hours)
NUDN 8150/NSG 815 Healthcare Program Evaluation and Quality (3)
NUDN 8140/NSG 814 Foundations and Applications of Evidence-based Practice (3)
NSG 818/NUDN 8145 Leadership and Project Planning (3) 
HLTH 6202/NSG 802 Community Epidemiology (3)
NSG 817/NUDN 8147 Applied Biostatistics (3)

Clinical Residency and Project (9 semester credit hours)
NUDN 8441Clinical Residency and Project Development I (2)
NUDN 8442 Clinical Residency and Project Development II (2)
NUDN 8443 Clinical Residency and Project Development III (3)
NUDN 8444 Clinical Residency and Project Development IV (2)

Elective Courses (3 semester credit hours)
One elective in a chosen area of interest selected mutually with the advisor.


For more information on this program, please contact Dr. Charlene Whitaker-Brown, DNP Coordinator, cdwhitak@uncc.edu