School of Nursing Faculty Research Areas

Dr. Willie Mae Abel, PhD,, Critical Care

Dr. Dee Baldwin, PhD, African-American women's health

Dr. Allison Burfield, PhD,,  Care outcomes of the older adult, pharmacotherapeutics, mental health

Dr. Maren Coffman, PhD,, Latino health, type 2 diabetes, health literacy, access to health care

Dr. Judy Cornelius, PhD,, HIV Prevention in minority populations and women, telemetry, adult health

Dr. Christine Elnitsky, PhD,,  Healthcare administration, healthcare quality, health systems for veteran reintegration

Dr. Betsy Herron, PhD,, Cardiac care, cardiac rehabilitation, simulation, nursing education

Dr. Brian Jefferson, DNP,, Acute care, hospital-based healthcare cost

Dr. Kathy Jordan, DNP,, Pediatrics, child maltreatment, pediatric emergency, emergency care, forensic emergency medicine

Dr. David Langford, PhD,, Community health, domestic violence, safety planning, bullying in schools, qualitative research

Dr. Karen Lucisano, PhD,, Nurse anesthesia

Dr. Susan Lynch, PhD,, Compassion, fatigue, hospice, family caregivers

Dr. Donna Kazemi, PhD,, Health promotion and education, tobacco and drug abuse prevention and treatment

Dr. Susan Kennerly, PhD,, Nursing culture, repositioning of older adults for pressure ulcer prevention in nursing homes

Dr. Jane Neese, PhD,, Healthcare delivery outcomes, psychometric properties of instruments

Dr. Kelly Powers, PhD,, Medical-surgical nursing, critical care, emergency care, family centered care, nursing education

Dr. Marie Thomas, PhD,, Family health, simulation and education

Dr. Lucille Travis, PhD,, Nursing informatics, cardiac care, quality of life, transtelephonic monitoring, outpatient delivery

Dr. Meredith Troutman, PhD,, Healthy aging, health promotion of older adults, physical activity in older adults, arthritis management, psychiatric and mental health, family theory, health policy

Dr. Charlene Whittaker-Brown, DNP,, Cardiovascular health, quality of life in adult populations

Dr. Stephanie Woods, PhD,, Physiologic, Immunologic, and Psychosocial consequences for women experiencing violence and trauma