Mission, Vision and Values


The UNC Charlotte School of Nursing prepares nursing professionals to serve as leaders, clinicians and scholars through innovative educational programs designed to meet the healthcare needs of an evolving and diverse society.


Our vision is to provide the highest quality of nursing education, scholarship and practice with a commitment to community engagement in order to promote health among citizens in the Charlotte region and beyond.


The UNC Charlotte School of Nursing embraces the following five core values:

Integrity - Responsibility, honesty, dependability, ethical behavior, accountability, transparency, and trustworthiness of faculty, staff and students.

Innovation -  Reflected through progress, program expansion, transformation of ideas, novelty, excellence, growth, and distinction.

CollegialityPartnerships, teamwork, community engagement, interdisciplinary practice, caring, cooperation, professionalism, and courage.

DiversityInclusion, respect for self and others, fairness, equality, and justice.

Scholarship - Faculty and students engaged in academic nursing who demonstrate commitment to inquiry, generate new knowledge for the discipline, connect practice with education and lead scholarly pursuits to improve health and healthcare (AACN, 2016a).