Allison H. Burfield, PhD, MSN, RN

School of Nursing
Associate Professor, Affiliate Faculty, Gerontology Program



Academic Interests:

Clinical teaching, Improving care outcomes, Psych-mental health across the age spectrum, Technology and online instruction


COS Profile


Nursing and Health Professionals Education

Clinical Specialty:

Psych-Mental Health


ADN, Athens Area Technical College; BSN, University of Central Florida; MSN, University of Central Florida; PhD Nursing, University of Central Florida

Human Subjects:


Personal Interests:

Quantum mechanics, community service, music playing (piano), art (collecting, painting and drawing, art history), crafting and Pinning on Pinterest

Practice Area:

Mental Health, Psychiatry, Geriatrics

Research Interest:

Elder care, outcomes, pharmacotherapeutics, and pain assessment/management in the elderly

Research Statement:

Dr. Allison H. Burfield is an outcomes researcher working to improve pain assessment and treatment in long-term care along with developing interdisciplinary education, service and research projects focused on older people. Her research program has centered on the elderly evaluating psychotropic load and conversion to safer medications, interdisciplinary care coordination, psychoactive load and falls, psychoactive load and hospitalization rates, adherence to drug regimen reviews, falls prevention, and the assessment and management of chronic pain. Her recent research has centered on pain behaviors in long-term care, social engagement, care transitions, falls prevention, pharmacotherapeutics, and interdisciplinary care coordination. She has published various books, book sections, monographs and articles on the care of the elderly. She plans to continue her research to improve care outcomes in the elderly and further expand nursing science in the interdisciplinary geriatrics field.



Teaching Specialty:

Aging in Health, Geriatrics, Mental Health and Informatics and Technology

Dr. Allison H. Burfield is an Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing since 2009. She was a Fellow for her Master's and Doctoral degree at UCF from 2005-2009. 
Her work as an outcomes researcher focuses on improving care for the elderly. Her research integrates clinical teaching to demonstrate models of evidence-based
care to develop interdisciplinary research and student implemented education programs within the community.  Dr. Burfield also facilitates education opportunities within the community for undergraduate and Health Services Research Doctoral (HSRD) students to provide community connections and service learning to reduce the stigma of mental illness bridging a connection with homeless and underserved populations in the Mecklenburg County area. 

Relevant Publications:

 Burfield, A. H., Wan, T. T. H., Sole, M. L., & Cooper, J. W. (2012). A study of longitudinal data examining concomitance of pain and cognition in an elderly long-term care population. Journal of Pain Research, 5, 61-70.

Burfield, A.H, Wan, T. T. H., Sole, M. L., & Cooper, J. W. (2012). Behavioral cues to expand a pain model of the cognitively impaired elderly in long-term care. Clinical Interventions in Aging. 7, 207-223. 

 Cooper, J.W. & Burfield, A.H. (2009). Medication interventions for fall prevention in the older adult. Pharmacy Today(Journal of the American Pharmacist Association), 49, e70-e84.

Cooper, J.W., Freeman, M.H., Cook. C.L., & Burfield, A.H. (2007). Psychotropic and psychoactive drugs and hospitalization rates in nursing facility residents. Pharmacy Practice, 5(3), 140-144.

Cooper, J. W., Cobb, H. H., & Burfield, A.H. (2001). A one-year study of psychotropic load reduction and buspirone conversion possible effects on behavioral disturbances and global deterioration in a nursing home population. Consultant Pharmacist, 16(4), 358-363.

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