School of Nursing
CHHS 447 B

Peggy Malague MacKay joined the School of Nursing for the fall term 2014. Peggy received her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Fairfield University, her Master of Nursing in Child Health from Emory University, expects to complete her doctoral work in the Spring of 2021.  Her clinical interest is in the care of children and families in acute care settings. She is a licensed Clinical Nurse Specialist and currently holds a bedside role at Levine Children’s Hospital.  Peggy’s research, “Quiet Room: A Study to Examine the Effect of a Minimal Stimulation Environment on Infants and Young Children in the Immediate Postoperative Period,” received a grant from the American Nurses’ Foundation in 2013. Peggy has published collaboratively and served on the Board of Directors for the Society of Pediatric Nurses. She is currently pursuing projects related to Reporting Culture among nurses and the shared lived experience of pediatric nurses during the COVid 19 pandemic.